Renovating a small house can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With some careful planning and the right tips, you can transform your small house into a luxury living space. Whether you’re looking to repair a small house or give it a complete overhaul, there are plenty of things you can do to make the most of your space.

One of the best things you can do to renovate a small house is to use lighter tones. Light colours help to create the illusion of space and make a room feel larger than it really is. Consider painting your walls in light colours like white, cream, or pale grey. You can also use light-coloured flooring, furniture, and accessories to create a cohesive look.

Another great way to expand the space in a small house is to use mirrors. Mirrors reflect light and create the illusion of depth, making a room feel more spacious. Hang mirrors on the walls or use mirrored furniture and accessories to create a bright and airy atmosphere. The Faber Home wide range of services includes helping you to choose the right colour palette and decorative mirrors to create a beautiful and functional space. Glass sliding doors are also a great way to make a small house feel more spacious. They allow natural light to flow into the room and create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. If you have a small patio or balcony, consider installing glass sliding doors to create a larger living space.

Keeping it simple is another key to renovating a small house. Too much clutter can make a small space feel cramped and claustrophobic. Instead, opt for minimalistic furniture and decor that don’t take up too much space. Folding furniture is a great option for small houses because it can be easily stored away when not in use.

Transforming a Small Space

Adding larger furnishings can also help to make a small house feel more luxurious. Instead of filling your space with lots of small pieces, choose a few larger pieces that make a statement. For example, a large sofa or a statement chair can be the centrepiece of your living room. Wall mounting your TV is another great way to save space in a small house. By mounting your TV on the wall, you can free up valuable floor space and create a more streamlined look. Plus, it’s a great way to create a home theatre experience without taking up too much room.

Finally, choosing a bigger rug can help to make a small house feel more spacious. A large rug can anchor a room and create a cosy atmosphere. Plus, it’s a great way to add colour and texture to your space.

Transforming a Small Space

We know that making all these choices can be hard, but at Faber Homes there are a team of experts that can help you create a custom renovation plan that meets your needs and fits your budget. From repairs to full-scale renovations, they can help you transform your small house, make them feel more luxurious and spacious and turn it into your dream home.

The wide range of services includes interior design, remodelling, and custom carpentry. The highest quality workmanship and customer service is provided, and they work closely with the clients to ensure that every project is completed to their satisfaction. So if you’re looking to renovate a small house, and don’t know where to start consider working with Faber Homes, they have the experience and expertise to create a custom renovation plan that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.