Remedial Building Services

With over 20 years building experience, the Faber Homes team of specialists will help preserve your asset with our expert remedial building services for your home, apartment or strata complex.

Our remedial services include façade restoration and upgrades, waterproofing, rising damp, concrete cancer, defects, re-painting and repairs, among other specialist services.

Our team of professionals will provide an initial consultation to assess the proposed remedial works to ensure your property receives the most effective solution and keeps to your desired aesthetics and design.

Faber Homes is synonymous with high quality work, and for remedial building services this means the right solution with quality, long-lasting-repair results.

Remedial Building Services
Remedial Building Specialists

Faber Homes’ building remedial services team will identify the leak and propose the most cost-effective and practical waterproofing solution for the repair works. Our signature quality work will help you avoid reoccurrence of any similar issues.

Building remedial services for waterproofing including bathrooms and balconies When you are first learning about your leak, for a bathroom if it is on a level above the ground floor, the ceiling below the bathroom will usually provide the tell-signs of a leak. If living in an apartment, it will often be the neighbour below who first informs the resident above of their leak. This is usually the case also for balconies that require remedial services and the ceiling beneath the balcony will provide a visual indicator of the damage and inform you that the waterproofing is faulty with drainage issues.

Building façade restorations and upgrades (Sydney North Shore, and Northern Beaches)

Is your façade in need of a restoration, refresh or upgrade? Enhance the appearance of your building – aesthetically and structurally – with our team of experienced building professionals. Our restoration services include cladding replacement, re-painting, waterproofing and window replacement, among other services.